People With Few Moles Likely to Develop Deadlier Skin Cancer: Study: – THURSDAY, Aug. 20, 2015 – – Those who have many moles are at increased risk for melanoma epidermis cancer, but people with fewer moles could be more likely to develop a more aggressive type of the disease, a new study suggests .… Read More

100 percent efficacy for cervical cancer vaccine Final-stage clinical trials of a cervical cancer vaccine developed by University of Queensland scientists, have shown the drug to be 100 per cent effective. The results of the Phase III trials were announced in NY by international pharmaceutical company Merck & Co overnight. Who are developing the product.… Read More

‘We brought together two diverse areas to take into account this issue in a new method,’ said Dr. Margulies. ‘It got the combined expertise of a DNA chemist and computational biologist to figure out that chemical technique could progress our understanding of comparative genomics.’ ‘By taking into consideration the three-dimensional framework of DNA, you can… Read More

Affordable HEALTHCARE for America Work gets it correct, commends CWA The Communications Workers of America commends Home Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the House of Representatives on passing of its health care plan. Pre-Medicare retirees will be protected against cutbacks within their health care benefits.… Read More

In the six years before and after the policy change, the entire amount of deceased donor transplants rose 23 percent, with a larger increase for minorities and a smaller increase for non-Hispanic whites . The current policy, which offers no allocation priority for HLA-B similarity and gives only 1 and two points for matches at… Read More

It is the seventh leading reason behind death in the country and can cause serious health issues including heart disease, blindness, kidney failure and amputations. Among adults, diabetes improved in men and women and in all age groups, but still disproportionately affects the elderly. Almost 25 % of the population 60 years and old had… Read More

1.4 million Nigerians older than 40 will become blind by 2020: Study 84 % of all factors behind blindness are either preventable or treatable, study findsBy 2020, 1.4 million Nigerians over age 40 will lose their sight, and almost all the complexities are either treatable or preventable, according to the Nigeria National Blindness and Visual… Read More

Despite several calls to the surgical group from her nurse, Cara was allowed to deteriorate for about 16 hours after her breathing difficulty was initially identified. Before tomorrow’s summit, make sure you review the following factual statements about medical negligence and its role in the ongoing health care debate. Medical malpractice has already been addressed… Read More

Nonetheless, the initial analysis developed a wave of laws and regulations about asbestos handling – – at least in England. The United Kingdom started regulating ventilation and established asbestosis as an excusable work related disease in the 1930s. AMERICA didn’t take the same procedures until nearly a decade later. Around 1930, the medical community was… Read More

The squat is among the best exercises that you can do for the low body because it works various muscle tissue groups simultaneously. As you squat, your hamstrings and glutes are used to drive up the weight up. Aside from the quads, the back and core becomes stronger eventually because it is subjected to carry… Read More

The declaration also urges ADA users – primarily registered dietitians and dietetic technicians, registered – to take a dynamic part in addressing the country’s weight problems epidemic through partnerships among health professionals, government, schools and other organizations. ADA’s statement, which includes been endorsed by the American College of Sports Medicine, is released in the February… Read More

One of the primary challenges facing healthcare suppliers is that quality care may be compromised because of the significant dollars evaporating in antiquated supply chains, and underperforming procedures, said Rittenhouse. Health care is normally a business and can achieve game changing efficiency simply by adopting successful methods from other industries. Related StoriesUsing integrated molecular pathology… Read More

So, in many instances, DNA structure may be a better predictor of function than DNA sequence. The researchers went on to mine data organized by the PhenCode Project to see whether one-base variants in DNA sequence, called single-nucleotide polymorphisms , in non-coding regions could cause structural changes that may lead to disease. Specifically, they conducted… Read More