Four members of this committee made formal presentations to the duty push and three of these members had been invited back for more in-depth discussions. (A evaluation of the 2003 standards with the IOM recommendations and new proposed specifications is available at The proposed resident teaching specifications have been submitted on the ACGME website and you will be available for public comment for 45 days. The task force will review the responses and consider adjustments to the draft requirements.Pictures: Ga. Student’s amazing recovery from flesh-eating infection Andy Copeland, who offers been updating the public on his daughter’s condition through a blog, in a July 29 revise that in each physical therapy session wrote, his daughter completes 400 leg lifts in seven minutes, 200 crunches in seven minutes – every 10 of which she’s necessary to say a comprehensive sentence – furthermore to pushups and planks. ‘Just how many of that can be done 2 hundred crunches in seven mins?’ asked Andy in the blog. Copeland, 24, has been rehabilitating at an Atlanta service following a two-month struggle with the flesh-eating infection necrotizing fasciitisthat she got after a May 1 zip-lining accident where she experienced a deep cut.