Reforming the continent’s agriculture industry will require the concentrate to become shifted from exporting recycleables to developing food creation, according to lead study writer Calestous Juma, a professor of worldwide advancement at Harvard Kennedy School’s Belfer Middle for Science and International Affairs . ‘He estimates that while food production has grown globally by 145 percent in the last 40 years, African meals creation has fallen by 10 percent since 1960, which he attributes to low investment. While 70 percent of Africans may be involved in farming, those who are undernourished on the continent provides risen by 100 million to 250 million since 1990, he estimates,’ the news service writes .Einhorn’s experience isn’t a rigorous study. But it’s an example of many innovative therapies doctors are studying with adult stem cells. Those are stem cells taken from bone marrow and blood – not embryos typically. For all the emotional debate that began about a decade back on allowing the use of embryonic stem cells, it’s adult stem cells that are in human being testing today. An extensive review of stem cell tasks and interviews with two dozen experts reveal a wide range of potential treatments. Morley Safer reported for ’60 Minutes’ this summer on the rapidly increasing tendency of ‘regenerative medicine,’ where cells in the human body are manipulated into regrowing broken tissues.