We appreciate the FDA’s thoughtful responses to your questions and their invitation to begin with planning for the Phase 3 clinical program through the SPA process.in June 2010 , results from a well planned interim analysis of the ongoing Phase 2b RESTORE-CLI clinical trial were announced at the Society for Vascular Medical procedures annual meeting. Contained in the total outcomes was the achievement of statistical significance in amputation-free survival.The progranulin blood test has an inexpensive tool to identify progranulin mutation carriers in sufferers with early-onset dementia or asymptomatic relatives of FTD individuals, says Alicia Algeciras-Schimnich, Ph.D. Dr. Ginette Serrero, CEO of A&G Pharmaceutical, claims, A&G offers pioneered and patented analysis investigating expression of progranulin in breast cancer and lung malignancy. Research shows that breast cancer sufferers have an elevated level of progranulin in comparison with healthy individuals. We are delighted that our clinical studies with breast cancer individuals and development of progranulin antibodies and assays will help FTD patients.