Within the three-month project, Accenture will determine and streamline disparate billing procedures to ensure effective customer support and improved revenue routine efficiency across the physician organization. Patient satisfaction is crucial to successful wellness outcomes – and satisfaction begins with the first telephone call, stated Dipak Patel, managing director of Accenture's patient access initiatives. Patients who perceive gaps in customer support are at an increased risk of not remaining engaged in their care. Increasingly, patients are looking at measures beyond quality of care, such as for example convenience and value, for selecting their wellness provider. Accenture's research shows the common wait time for doctor appointments, complexity of scheduling, number of mobile phone transfers and capability to resolve issues by mobile phone play a major role in overall patient satisfaction.Answers provided through the conversation scanning were assessed with the use of a two-step procedure. First, activity in the two regions of curiosity identified during the localizer scanning was quantitatively characterized . Next, a similarity metric was computed to quantify how carefully the activity in the regions of interest on each conversation scan matched each localizer scan. Outcomes Responses to the Imagery Duties Among the 54 sufferers, we identified 5 who could willfully modulate their brain activity . In all five of the patients, the useful MRI scans associated with motor imagery, in comparison with spatial imagery, demonstrated significant activation in the supplementary electric motor area.