First, you have to know that exposing the body to unexpected strenuous amount of exercise is outright wrong. Never try to do any running immediately if you have not really run at all in your daily life, or worse, have not really done any form of exercise, either. Based on your age and your present physical condition, it can be harmful and downright harmful. First, get yourself a professional opinion on your present physical health condition prior to starting out any physical activity, including running.Here are some tips that you need to follow in case to throw aside the strain from life forever: 1. Sign up for a meditation course: You certainly do not need to pay out extra or a large amount, for the meditation program. You may even do this on your own. All you need will be the two Ps – Practice and Patience. It has been established that meditation really helps to prevent anxiety scientifically. There are a lot of meditation courses that you may from the net download.