The ongoing firm launched TruScan, a handheld instrument that can immediately identify raw materials and finished goods. The instrument can scan through sealed packaging, including bottles or blister packs, without starting them. Currently, nine from the top 10 10 pharmaceutical companies possess actively deployed TruScan for raw materials verification and anti-counterfeit activities. Designed to complement existing protection measures, TruScreen and accurately screens for potential liquid explosives quickly, quickly distinguishing between benign substances and threat-listed components, such as for example precursors and explosives.Brown, Ph.D., and Mihai G. Netea, Ph.D., M.D.: Brief Report: Human Dectin-1 Insufficiency and Mucocutaneous Fungal Infections Recurrent vulvovaginal candidiasis is usually a common pathological condition relatively, afflicting women of all ages, with more than 90 percent of situations caused by C. Albicans.1 Even though function of diabetes as a predisposing condition has been recognized, most instances occur in healthy women. Recurrent oral, esophageal, or mucocutaneous candidiasis is also diagnosed in some patients without obvious predisposing factors.