Presently, the best early marker of autism risk can be family history. Couples with a young child with autism are 9 times more likely to have another child with autism. Kliman said that when these at-risk families have subsequent children they could employ early intervention strategies to improve outcomes. ‘Regrettably couples without known genetic susceptibility must depend on identification of early signs or indicators that may not overtly manifest before child's second or third year of lifestyle,’ said Kliman. ‘I hope that diagnosing the chance of developing autism by examining the placenta at birth can be routine, and that the children who are shown to have increased amounts of trophoblast inclusions could have early interventions and a better quality of life because of this check,’ Kliman added..* Many women try to avoid the situation if they may need to undergo a complete term abortion. The reason why they do so is because of the the higher risk mixed up in process. However, it really is quite important to have the knowledge about the problems that take place during surgical procedures. This can be handled very easily by the doctors who are experienced and experts in their field. * If you have made a decision to undergo this method, then your most important point you must take into consideration is searching for the best abortion clinic which has the most recent surgical equipment. Also, you should attempt to find out whether the clinic has a united team of qualified and experienced doctors or not. Always remember that a specialized clinic always comes up with the vital services that are highly required for the emergency situations.