You also could start a favorite chat pop or show in a CD. Banish all thoughts of family members or work, aside from pleasant ones, to restore a sense of calm and peace to your life. In the home, have a glass of tea, read the newspaper without interruption, or rest after dinner. Pursuits like these increase tranquility and balance. 2. Keep a writing journal to record negative and positive feelings. Writing about unpleasant events can help to function them out of your system. Research implies that spending 20 minutes in your journal exploring unhappy or challenging events for three times a week can boost your immune function for 24 hours afterward.The thalamus is normally a major relay program in the brain, and the frontal cortex is certainly involved in higher-level thinking. In this new research, the researchers found that these changes are already present before schizophrenia, a significant mental illness, is diagnosed. The findings provide a potential marker for the condition that impacts 1 % of people worldwide, the researchers said. ‘Up until this study, we didn’t know whether this design was a result of the condition or a potential byproduct of medicine or some other factor,’ study lead writer Alan Anticevic, associate professor of psychiatry, said in a Yale information release.