Ultimately, which means that the more people who continue high-priced Reyataz, the fewer who can receive providers. AHF has noticed firsthand the impact of high priced AIDS drugs like Reyataz. In California, for instance, since 2000 the amount of new ADAP customers has only improved by 50 percent, but AIDS drug spending has improved by 165 percent. The price of Reyataz is a significant contributing factor to the boost.Easiest cures, though, are ineffective on severe cases of pimples and doctors have no option but to prescribe topical medicines. Some of the treatments that are considered relatively secure for would-be-mothers are topical ointments which contain benzoyl peroxide and azelaic acid. Formulas that contain salicylic acid can be prescribed also, although these ought to be applied in moderate dosages since salicylic acid can be considered a dangerous ingredient for women that are pregnant. Erythromycin is also considered secure since whatever %age of it is absorbed beyond your skin is easily metabolized.