A case of paralytic poliomyelitis has been reported in Botswana A case of paralytic poliomyelitis due to an imported type 1 poliovirus has been reported in Botswana, a country which have been polio-free since 1991. The virus has been linked genetically to poliovirus endemic to northern Nigeria closely. The case – a seven year previous boy from the Ngami district of north-western Botswana – acquired onset of paralysis on 8 February 2004 generic levitra 20mg . The importations are connected with an extensive outbreak of polio in Nigeria, which resulted following the suspension of polio immunization campaigns in a few northern states of the national country in August 2003. By March 2004, all states in Nigeria, with the exception of Kano, experienced resumed mass polio immunization activities.

Neurotransmitters are chemical messengers that relay indicators to and from neurons. Changes in heat range could have a strong effect on human brain function. The findings emphasize the complexity of the feeding circuitry, which once seemed so simple, wrote Charles Mobbs of Mount Sinai College of Medicine within an accompanying preview article. Researchers had thought that decreased degrees of the fat-produced hormone leptin by itself signaled the hypothalamus that fats levels possess fallen, leading hypothalamic neurons to activate a program, including food cravings, to preserve energy and restore unwanted fat levels, he stated. Now, a number of research, including those reported in this issue of Cell Metabolism by [Diano and co-workers] possess elegantly demonstrated that hypothalamic responses to food deprivation involve at least three hormones, two cell types, and an urgent interlocutor, uncoupling protein 2.