What’s more, Ginseng is also known to stimulate the sex gland; all the more reason behind you to stock this herb. The herb is available in raw form, in dried capsules and in liquid extracts also, whatever takes your extravagant. Goji Berries These scarlet berries offer more benefit than one. From healing ailing heart to improving fragile eyesight, they serve many medicinal purposes. Prior to going forward and infuse the goodness of the crazy berries in your diet, check if they have any undesireable effects. Chinese herbs are excellent, no doubt, but even natural treatments at times have negative effects. And if you are on medications already, it pays to inquire with your doctor first.Besides that the gauze pad or the natural cotton swab can be used to apply the liquid. Some of the directions like preventing the eyes, nose and mouth should be avoided. Tretinoin acne cream should not be put on the inner lips area or inside mouth area and nose. One must definitely contact a doctor if eye discomfort develops. Tretinoin acne cream is available in other forms such as for example gels and alternative also. The use of the medicine mainly depends on the skin you possess and the response your skin layer therapy takes.