David Helms, Ph.D. The alliance will end up being centered on the integration of both technology and processes by both companies to deliver patient management, compliance, retention, and ePRO assistance offerings to sponsors of scientific trials. The Almac-Exco InTouch providing serves a pressing need in the drug development procedure: Engaging, retaining, and enhancing compliance of individuals from the earliest stages of recruitment and throughout the course of a trial. Exco InTouch will continue to work with Almac to seamlessly integrate its marketplace leading retention and compliance technology solutions with Almac’s IXRS technology, a built-in phone and web platform.This article ‘Influence of Voluntary Accreditation on Insufficiency Citations in U.S. Nursing Homes,’ which appeared in the March 5 issue of the journal The Gerontologist demonstrated that Joint Commission accredited long term care facilities had fewer survey insufficiency citations than nonaccredited facilities. A forthcoming research by Wagner and her co-authors to be published in the journal Plan, Politics & Nursing Practice implies that Joint Commission accredited lengthy term care businesses also got better resident outcomes which continuing to boost over time.