9. Drinking tea Consuming tea is not an energy booster just, but also highly beneficial to treat digestive problems. The helpful properties in the herbal teas reduces gas and help relieve muscle or indigestion cramps. 10. Turmeric We all know that turmeric can be a favorite healing spice. Its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties are known worldwide by most of us. Turmeric or the curcumin, has powerful results with regards to digestive disorders. Curcumin helps in dealing with gastrointestinal polyps, ulcers and carcinomas. 11.On average, Americans survey barriers to treatment one-fifth of the time, which range from 3 % of people saying they were struggling to get or acquired to delay getting prescription drugs to 60 % of individuals saying their usual supplier did not have office hours on weekends or nights. Among disparities in core access measures, only 1 – the gap between Asians and whites in the %age of adults who reported having a specific source of ongoing care – showed a reduction. Each year since 2003, AHRQ provides reported on the progress and opportunities for improving health care quality and reducing healthcare disparities.