She has received a number of honorable awards, like the Nightingale Award from the American University of Beirut and the ‘Aallamouna’ profiling award from the Order of Nurses in Lebanon. Kayle holds a Get better at of Research in Nursing in pediatric severe and critical care from Duke University and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, with distinction, from the American University of Beirut . Furthermore, she is qualified as a Clinical Nurse Expert in acute and essential care nursing/pediatrics.Consider Oona Schmid’s dad, who’s 96 and offers advanced dementia. The Arlington, Va., female has overseen his care for a decade, since her mother died – and said she could have better planned how exactly to pay for it if only someone got warned her how very long people can live with dementia. She stated the bill at her father’s assisted-living facility has already reached nearly $8,000 a month as he now needs round-the-clock care. ‘I don’t think he understands who I am, but he still smiles when he sees me,’ Schmid said.