Richard Lansing, Editorial Director Clinical Medication at Springer, stated, We are honored to be dealing with the American Thoracic Culture on book projects that will become part of our existing, effective Respiratory Medicine series. The series is a perfect fit to meet the needs of the ATS objective. The ATS is very pleased to partner with Springer on this important reserve series, stated ATS Journals Publisher Diane Gern. Providing richer, even more expansive educational assets for our members is an integral part of the society's objective.In both trial groups, platelet transfusions were given therapeutically for bleeding, given before invasive procedures, or given at the clinician’s discretion . Therapeutic platelet transfusions for bleeding episodes of WHO quality 2 were given according to standard practice, accompanied by prophylactic platelet transfusions per protocol, if indicated. Sufferers who had bleeding of WHO grade 3 or 4 4 during the study received platelet transfusions at the clinician’s discretion; these patients no longer received treatment according to the trial process, but evaluation continued for thirty days after randomization. The type of platelet component had not been specified. All platelet elements were leukoreduced, platelets were collected by means of apheresis in approximately 80 percent of cases, and common medical center practice was to transfuse platelets that were ABO and RhD similar.