Health care reform cannot wait for those an incredible number of Americans fighting a broken program everyday. AARP is acquiring aim at the myths, misinformation and scare techniques being utilized to derail the health care reform debate and provides set up an internet site ( where in fact the public may get the reality and up-to-date information on the issue.. AARP people urge Congress users from Illinois to increase health care reforms With Congressional summer recess winding down and associates of Congress home for some more days, AARP users in Illinois are taking to the streets to ensure they don’t get a break from healthcare reform.The funding will allow Agile to complete Stage 3 clinical advancement and apply for marketing approval for its business lead contraceptive patch, AG200-15, and to progress Agile’s second contraceptive patch, AG1000, into Stage 2 clinical development. Agile’s business lead product, AG200-15, is an innovative, low-dose weekly contraceptive patch getting into U.S. Pivotal Phase 3 clinical trials. If authorized, AG200-15 will be the first contraceptive patch predicated on a low dose of estrogen ) in conjunction with levonorgestrel. AG1000 is a levonorgestrel-just patch intended for females who are breastfeeding or cannot use estrogen-centered contraceptives. Agile’s patches are getting developed to supply women with a convenient and easy-to-use option to their current method of contraception.