A fresh concept in ovarian cancer: how will this change scientific practice? The concept that a lot of ovarian malignancies are not derived from the surface epithelium of the ovary itself may have main implications for clinical practice. It will change the way we might think about screening and avoiding the disease from happening in the first place. Ovarian cancer remains the most lethal of most gynaecological cancers, with more than 800 women each year in Australia dying from the disease despite major improvements in the medical approach and cytotoxic medications. These improvements have together led to longer survival of patients with the disease but unfortunately possess not impacted on the overall cure rate..ADHD manifests as deficits in behavioural inhibition, cognitive control and electric motor activity, and is considered to have strong genetic and neurobiological determinants. Adult ADHD is definitely a relatively common mental disorder that represents a continuum of symptoms from childhood. Detailed assessment of ADHD in adults takes into account the nature and effect of current symptoms and assesses the current presence of various other medical and psychiatric disorders that may mimic or be associated with ADHD.