As described for the reason that press release, revenue development was diminished, in part due to the slow speed of transition by states of their dual eligible populations to maintained care organizations. In addition, general and administrative expenses as a % of income increased because of higher costs related to the Company's new recruiting and payroll information system , Sarbanes-Oxley Act compliance effort and certain other operating expenditures. Contained in these third quarter G&A costs are $330,000 in items related to exited places and a performance earn-out payment.Of these 3773 participants, 1583 were receiving or will be eligible for statin therapy based on the ATP-III guidelines, in comparison with 2135 participants will be receiving or be eligible to get statin therapy, based on the 2004-updated ATP-III recommendations. On the other hand, the estimated amount of potential statin users will be extended to 56.0 million . Figure 1Figure 1Extrapolation of the NHANES Sample to all or any U.S. Adults, Regarding to Two Suggestions for the Administration of Cholesterol. Among the 115.4 million U.S. Adults between the age groups of 40 to 75 years who are represented in this analysis, an estimated 25.2 million are taking lipid-decreasing medication according to the self-report of the NHANES participants.