Data were gathered from 200 AAN-BNS associates who carry out NBSE. Responses were reviewed by experts in each of the five domains. ‘This survey is an important part of our understanding of how behavioral neurologists apply single-domain cognitive testing within their practices,’ said A.M. Barrett, MD, of Kessler Basis, director of the subgroup on spatial cognition checks. ‘This evidence-based evaluation of typically used exams provides insights that may inform your choice making process for selecting tests for the NBSE.’..At that time, the peripheral-bloodstream white-cell count was 4300 cells per cubic millimeter with 11 percent lymphocytes . She was discharged home at 2 months old and received the RV5 vaccine at 2 and 4 months old at her pediatrician’s office. She didn’t attend day treatment. She was rehospitalized at 5 months old with dehydration, serious diarrhea, metabolic acidosis, failing to thrive , and pneumonia. The peripheral-blood white-cell count was 1120 cells per cubic millimeter with 3 percent lymphocytes .