Pursuing that, soap-like emulsifiers and starch are squeezed into the combination for better consistency in fact it is then put through high temperatures once again to be steam-cleaned to be able to remove its unpleasant odor. Finally, because the margarine is an extremely unappetizing grey color today, bleach is used to remove it. Dyes and strong flavors are then put into make it appear to be butter, in fact it is packaged and marketed to seem healthy then. Homogenization This is a process where the fat particles of cream are strained through tiny pores under great pressure , which results in the fat contaminants being so small they stay in suspension rather than rising to the top.121 people die from Ebola in one day in Sierra Leone The outbreak of Ebola in West Africa is becoming more deadly each day, because the nation of Sierra Leone – – among the three suffering probably the most – – declared recently that 121 people had died from the disease in a single day. Worse, based on the nation’s health officials and the ones from the global community, Sierra Leone also recorded ‘scores of new attacks in another of the single deadliest days since the disease appeared in the West African country more than four months ago,’ Reuters reported. Those figures, which covered the outbreak period through October 4, the newswire reported, put the total amount of Ebola-related deaths at 678, from 557 just a day earlier up. The daily figures being compiled by Sierra Leone’s Emergency Operations Centre showed an additional 81 cases of infection as well.