Karen B. Avraham and Dr. Amiel Dror of the Division of Human Molecular Genetics and Biochemistry at TAU's Sackler School of Medication. Using state-of-the-art imaging, the researchers discovered that congenital deafness could be caused by an lack of a thyroid hormone during advancement. Since our laboratory mainly focuses on the machine of the inner hearing, the analysis of a operational program like the thyroid gland was not used to us and therefore challenging, stated Dr. Dror. My curiosity concerning how these two systems interact together to build up normal hearing resulted in this multidisciplinary research.Licensed from medwireNews with authorization from Springer Healthcare Ltd. All rights reserved. Neither of the parties endorse or suggest any commercial products, services, or equipment.

PRESS RELEASE DUBLINandWESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif.,Aug. 5, 2015/PRNewswire/ –Allergan plc andKYTHERA Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. today announced that they have amended and restated their merger agreement with respect toAllergan'spending acquisition of KYTHERA to provide for all-cash consideration to KYTHERA's stockholders.