Current techniques for identifying the disease-causing gene in an individual produce hundreds of potential gene applicants, making it problematic for scientists to pinpoint the solitary causative gene. Today, a team of experts led by Rockefeller University scientists have created a map of gene shortcuts to simplify the search for disease-causing genes. The investigation, spearheaded by Yuval Itan, a postdoctoral fellow in the St. Giles Laboratory of Individual Genetics of Infectious Diseases, has resulted in the creation of what he phone calls the individual gene connectome, the entire set of distances, routes , and levels of separation, between any two individual genes. Itan, a computational biologist, says the computer system he developed to create the connectome uses the same principles that Navigation devices use to program a vacation between two locations.Ontario Council of Hospital Unions/CUPE Secretary-Treasurer Helen Fetterly mentioned, ‘It isn’t acceptable that major building projects, including new hospital construction is being built-in Ontario using foreign-made steel while domestic mills in Hamilton and Niagara are shuttered because of lack of demand. We are calling on the Ontario federal government to be aggressive in its usage of local sourcing, as an important stimulus to your depressed steel market.’ Louis Rodrigues, Vice-president of OCHU/CUPE, asked the parliamentary committee to make sure that hospitals are adequately funded this year 2010.