People With Few Moles Likely to Develop Deadlier Skin Cancer: Study: – THURSDAY, Aug. 20, 2015 – – Those who have many moles are at increased risk for melanoma epidermis cancer, but people with fewer moles could be more likely to develop a more aggressive type of the disease, a new study suggests . Melanoma may be the deadliest type of skin cancer. For the study, researchers analyzed medical information of 281 melanoma individuals: 89 had more than 50 moles and 192 had less than 50 moles.

There are several things that will make sure that we enjoy good health and wellness all summer long. Here are 5 fun ways to keep well. Raw Foods Enjoy as many raw foods as possible. Summer may be the perfect time to introduce as many raw foods as feasible in the diet. Raw salads and smoothies could keep you going in the summertime. A greater variety of fruit and veggies means more nourishment for the body and is better for your health. Wild Foods Right now, most of us know that blueberries are excellent for wellness. But there are many berries that grow wild across the world that may give us many of those same nutrition and antioxidants. I think it is funny when I see a small amount of blackberries on sale in the supermarket for quite a hefty price, and they are growing all over for free.