‘We brought together two diverse areas to take into account this issue in a new method,’ said Dr. Margulies. ‘It got the combined expertise of a DNA chemist and computational biologist to figure out that chemical technique could progress our understanding of comparative genomics.’ ‘By taking into consideration the three-dimensional framework of DNA, you can better describe the biology of the genome,’ stated Dr. Tullius. ‘Because of this achievement, Stephen Parker, a Boston University graduate pupil, deserves a lot of the credit for his development of the algorithm that incorporated DNA framework into evolutionary analysis.’ In their Science paper, the topography was compared by the researchers of the individual genome with that of 36 additional mammalian species, including mouse, rabbit, elephant and chimpanzee.Gantz, Ph.D., Michele C. Walsh, M.D., Abbot R. Laptook, M.D., Bradley A. Yoder, M.D., Roger G. Faix, M.D., Abhik Das, Ph.D., Kurt Schibler, M.D., Wade Rich, R.R.T., Nancy S. Newman, R.N., Betty R. Vohr, M.D., Kimberly Yolton, Ph.D., Roy J. Heyne, M.D., Deanne E. Wilson-Costello, M.D., Patricia W. Evans, M.D., Ricki F. Goldstein, M.D., Michael J. Acarregui, M.D., Ira Adams-Chapman, M.D., Athina Pappas, M.D., Susan R. Hintz, M.D., M.S.Epi., Brenda Poindexter, M.D., Anna M. Dusick, M.D., Elisabeth C. McGowan, M.D., Richard A. Ehrenkranz, M.D., Anna Bodnar, M.D., Charles R.