3. Feel Awesome I know this one doesn’t sound extremely scientific, but lifting excess weight will raise your mood and cause you to feel like that you can do anything. Seriously. When you lift heavy weight, your body produces endorphins, which connect to the receptors in the human brain and reduce your perception of discomfort. Endorphins also trigger a positive feeling within your body similar compared to that of morphine. Essentially, you get high when you workout with weights. Lifting weight is less dangerous and certainly less expensive than taking drugs, both legal and illegal.Chan, M.D.5-9 Whether general survival among patients with in-hospital cardiac arrest has improved with these efforts remains unknown. To date, only 1 research has examined temporal tendencies in survival after in-medical center cardiac arrest. This research showed no significant switch in survival to discharge among hospitalized Medicare individuals going through cardiopulmonary resuscitation from 1992 through 2005.10 Although large and representative nationally, this study used data from administrative claims and could have included individuals without cardiac arrest or excluded sufferers for whom a procedure code for CPR was not submitted.