‘Component of that’s due to metabolism, but another component of that is thought to be that alcoholic beverages activates body stress responses a lot more in females.’ He said premenopausal females in particular have a much higher incidence of stress-related disorders, and that tension suppresses the disease fighting capability, leading to a range of health problems. Selvage said alcohol will lower testosterone secretion in males, but increases estrogen creation in females. Extra estrogen, he said, is linked to an elevated stress response. ‘Tension responses originate at the level of the brain, and of course, the mind communicates with the pituitary, which then sends signals to the adrenal glands that launch what’s called cortisol,’ Selvage said.‘Their support has allowed us to supply invaluable resources and educational and networking community forums for healthcare specialists. We anticipate their future contributions to the work of AMGA members because they quest to improve the delivery of quality individual care.’.. 40 percent of African-Americans with diabetes delay a visit to a podiatrist: APMA New nationwide survey results show that nearly 40 % of African-Americans with diabetes delay a go to to a podiatrist – – a critical person in a diabetes management group – – because they can not afford the necessary health care, according to the American Podiatric Medical Association .