For example, avoid the usage of chemical cleaners and surroundings fresheners, use air filter systems if needed, and make certain heat and air conditioning filters are generally cleaned. In addition, specific vitamin supplements may help protect your wellbeing from the effects of bad air. Previous research at the University of Washington College of Public Health and Community Medicine found that vitamins A and C benefited people who have asthma who were delicate to air pollutants and a recently available study by scientists at the Harvard College of Public Health found the nutrients folate, vitamins B12 and B6 help guard the heart from the influence of particulate polluting of the environment.. Air Pollution Raises BLOOD CIRCULATION PRESSURE According to New Study It seems like a healthy move to make: getting outside.Assuming that 10 percent of individuals wouldn’t normally complete the week 24 check out, the planned sample size was increased to 442. Both primary end points were compared between the two study organizations by way of polytomous regression.24 For data on the NYHA course, the model was adjusted for the baseline value. The alpha value was adjusted according to the approach to Benjamini and Hochberg. For the continuous variables, changes from the baseline value and values at weeks 4, 12, and 24 were compared between the ferric carboxymaltose group and the placebo group by comparing the means within each of the two research groups at each visit by using a model for repeated actions adjusted for baseline values.