It found that those who worked 55 hours or even more weekly were one-third more likely to suffer a stroke than those who worked the standard number of hours. And the much longer hours people worked, the higher their stroke risk, the study found. Compared to those who worked a standard number of hours per week, the risk of stroke was ten % higher among those who worked 41 to 48 hours and 27 % higher among those who worked 49 to 54 hours. Why could extended hours at the factory, office or shop be rough on your health? The analysis authors said several factors – – physical inactivity, higher drinking rates and higher stress amounts – – could be to blame.The team found that the top 200 prescribed medications in america in 2008 had 100 side effects on typical. Duke warns that given information overload can confuse doctors and dissuade sufferers from taking their medicines. In future, the team urges manufacturers to build up smart labels that can communicate personalized safety info relevant to patients.

A Better Method for Diagnosing Kidney Disease Assessing glomerular filtration price using kidney filtration markers in blood is the standard means for determining kidney function, diagnosing kidney disease and calculating its progression.