Therefore, it is advised that you go for a proper medication that doesn’t genuinely have a bad effect on your health. Late term abortion can possess a bad effect on your health and that means you should ask your physician carefully before going in for such an operation. Knowing the right time to seek medical attention is very important here and that means you need to be ready for the worse. You should ask your doctor about the body condition as soon as you see that medical is deteriorating daily. Always take your health seriously seeing that the physical body becomes quite weak following the abortion procedure is carried out.Cancer also tends to be incipient, Pandey says. The ideal biomarker would allow for easy diagnosis whenever a cancer is still young, before it spreads to various other organs. It might also help clinicians make educated decisions about treatments and better predict of outcomes, Pandey says: Biomarkers could tell us who should undergo medical procedures, who should obtain chemotherapy, and in which people a cancer will probably recur. Biomarker discovery can be an exploding area of study, Pandey says, yielding ever-increasing amounts of data – more than anybody person can desire to keep track of, unless it’s all strategically collected for widespread research.