Any of the previously listed methods for pimples treatment should help you in your fight bacteria. You shall see clearer skin as your bacteria has been wiped out. Practising good hygiene and adopt a healthy diet plan and lifestyle also needs to help in the acne swelling. Good luck!. Acne Treatment: HOW EXACTLY TO Fight Bacteria Acne can be an inflamed disease of the skin, and it has many causes. One such cause is bacteria that is breeding in the skin pores of your skin. When the body’s disease fighting capability is weak, it becomes allergic to this kind of bacteria. Bloodstream cells are attracted to battle the allergy, and the skin pores become blocked. Essential oil secretions begin to build up at these pores and offer a breeding floor for even more bacteria.AIDS Professionals Huddle On Prevention Strategy Usage of life-extending HIV/AIDS drugs in developing countries offers improved during the past 3 years, but new attacks still dramatically outpace attempts to bring treatment to individuals, health officials said Monday. Three years ago, fewer than 300,000 people in the developing globe were receiving the anti-retroviral medications that help deal with the virus. This past year, 2.2 million people in developing countries received the medications, according to Dr.