Of course each individual is different and according to the prostate cancers advancement as well as the health and age of the patient, the doctor will put together the best treatment regimen, which will usually contain a combined mix of available treatments including medical procedures, radiation, and hormonal treatment.. A New Treatment for Prostate Cancer? The most typical prostate cancer treatment is complete surgical removal of the entire prostate gland, a procedure which can leave a lot of men with annoying side effects.The report being presented at the UN Standing Committee on Nutrition March 23, says the magnitude and associated complications of zinc deficiency have already been poorly understood during the past. It sheds brand-new light on the importance of zinc to human being health and points a means forward not only for addressing deficiency problems in developing countries but also for future study. The consultative group IZiNCG, set up in 2000 by the UN University Food and Nutrition Program and the International Union of Nourishment Scientists , describes major fresh insights on 1) the human health outcomes of zinc deficiency, 2) available options for assessing populace zinc status and current estimates of the magnitude and global distribution of the problem, and 3) possible strategies to control this nutritional insufficiency disease.