The theories consist of Yin and the Yang, the five motions, the Zang-fu , Qi-Xue along with various methods of managing needles and scientific experiences. All these operational systems are used according to the symptoms and signs of every disease. No side effects This therapy shows good results and responded very well to several ailments and has emerged as a system with many advantages over various other medical streams. Some of the advantages of pursuing Acupuncture Kogarah are that it is very simple, easy to use and so are available without any unwanted effects. It is for this reason that acupuncture Kogarah comes with an important role in the fitness of the Chinese people, as well as, offers gotten the respect and trust of other countries.From a medical perspective the glutamine supplement has been successfully used to treat conditions such as alcoholism and mild major depression, which has led to it getting reffered to as a human brain food too. In addition to this people are given the glutamine dietary supplement after an operation normally, as it supports the recovery and healing of wounds from operative procedures. More recently the glutamine health supplement has been thought to work nicely in the treatment of ADHD, along with anxiety. Therefore in addition to the benefits that the glutamine supplement provides from the muscle building and endurance aspect, this is truly a well rounded conditionally essential amino acid that has many benefits and features from memory, to mood function as well as the muscle and endurance building benefits.