The indirect influence of care and attention can double the direct influence of the illness where in fact the burden of caution is in family members and on the family members. ‘These ramifications of HIV/AIDS on the labour force and on all individuals of working age group are measurable in their overall effect on economic development and advancement’, says Franklyn Lisk, Director of the ILO/AIDS program. ‘By causing the condition and death of employees, the HIV/AIDS epidemic reduces the share of skills and connection with the labour force. This loss in human capital is a direct risk to the Millennium Advancement Goals of reducing poverty and marketing sustainable development.’ By far nearly all countries most suffering from HIV/AIDS are in Africa, where in fact the regional typical HIV prevalence can be 7.7 percent.5. Surgical removal. The most typical procedure used in keloids is surgery. The removal of solid or keloidal marks through medical operation is often combined with maintenance treatment since medical procedures alone might not bring about regenerated skin with normal appearance. There are instances, though, when people who have tendencies to form keloids react negatively to the procedure by forming other keloidal scars due to the surgery. In some cases, keloids are not treated in all since any procedure may lead to further damage.