This scientific statement is particularly very important to healthcare experts who administer Q-T-prolonging medicines in hospital products where patients have constant ECG monitoring such as for example in ICUs. If the ECG indicators of TdP are identified on the patient’s cardiac monitor, then TdP and subsequent cardiac arrest should be avoidable, she says.. AACN endorses scientific statement on prevention of TdP The American Association of Critical-Treatment Nurses recently endorsed Prevention of Torsades de Pointes in Medical center Configurations, a scientific statement from the American Center Association, Dallas, and American College of Cardiology Foundation, Washington, D.C.Andersen at Around 58 million Us citizens are affected by heart disease, including nearly half a million women who die every complete year of heart disease and stroke. Yet, women continue to lag behind in their understanding of this disease. While we are producing great strides in advancing the treating heart disease, we need to do more to encourage prevention and educate ladies about their risk elements, says Dr. Andersen. Educating women concerning this disease not merely helps them to boost their own health, but women are more likely to pass on the message of avoidance to family and friends.