Seasonal flu vaccine, after all, has never been proven to be at all effective, particularly among the 65 years and older group on whom it really is typically pushed most aggressively. Besides their ineffectiveness, many flu vaccines are loaded with the highly-toxic, mercury-based preservative Thimerosal, as well as a host of other toxic adjuvants, chemical preservatives, and harmful additives. Regarding to world-famous immunogeneticist Dr. Hugh Fudenberg, individuals who obtain five flu shots during the period of several years are, in fact, 10 times more likely than others to develop Alzheimer’s disease.Tradition supernatants collected 3 days after inoculation with both samples had been positive on real-time RT-PCR for the upE, ORF1a, and ORF1b regions. To help expand confirm these results and to exclude the possibility of cross-contamination between the cultures for the patient and Camel B, RNA samples that were extracted from the original nasal swabs acquired from the patient and from Camel B were put through partial genome sequencing of 242-bp fragments and 312-bp fragments in the RdRp and N parts of the viral genome, respectively. Alignment of the two fragments from the two samples confirmed that these were identical. Full genome sequencing of lifestyle isolates acquired from the individual and from Camel B showed that the two samples were 100 percent identical.