Provides attained fame all over the world through R& D on latest medications and spends comparatively little more amount of its profits on R&D than other sectors. Every full 12 months pharmaceutical market adds thousands of new medications which are comparatively far better. The health of our people depends upon the accessibility of secure, high quality, affordable and effective drugs. Pharmaceutical manufacturing companies need to make use of innovative and advanced technology, cutting edge scientific and production knowledge, and the very best methods of quality management to successfully face up to the challenges of latest discoveries such as difficult medication delivery systems and nanotechnology and ways of performing business such as unique therapies or genetically modified treatment.High Dicer expression and high Drosha expression were correlated with poor prognostic elements in prostate cancer and esophageal carcinoma.32,33 Furthermore, reduction of Drosha expression by way of siRNA reduced cellular proliferation has been reported in esophageal-tumor cell lines.33 There are several plausible explanations for the divergent expression patterns of Dicer and Drosha among different solid tumors and how they relate to clinical and pathologic variables. Direct interactions with additional components of the RNA-interference cascade you could end up compensatory alterations of Dicer or Drosha expression in the presence of mutated cofactors such as genes for the DiGeorge syndrome important area gene 8 , exportin 5 , and argonaute 2 .31,34-36 In addition, miRNA could possess varying regulatory effects independent of alterations in the RNA-interference processing machinery.37 To get this contention is the association of altered Dicer protein expression in mucoepidermoid carcinomas of the upper aerodigestive tract with overall survival.38 Despite growing proof that Dicer and Drosha mRNA amounts differ among tumor types, the regulation of these genes is unclear.