Van der Merwe, Director, South African Doping Control Laboratory.’ ‘Agilent is pleased with our leadership role in anti-doping assessment instruments, which dates back to the 1970s,’ stated Mike McMullen, president of Agilent’s Chemical Evaluation Group. ‘We are honored that the South African Doping Control Laboratory chosen Agilent to greatly help ensure an even playing field and reasonable competition at the 2010 World Cup.’.. Agilent Technologies selected as major provider of gas-phase testing instruments in 2010 2010 World Cup Agilent Technologies Inc.For instance, in the combined data established, all but three triple-positive gliomas were oligodendrogliomas or mixed oligoastrocytomas. The group with TERT and IDH mutations and the group with only IDH mutations included a big proportion of grade II or III astrocytomas and combined oligoastrocytomas. Although 85 percent of gliomas with only TERT mutations were quality IV gliomas, this group also contained 32 of 119 quality III astrocytomas and 7 of 74 quality II astrocytomas. Finally, 81 of 121 triple-negative gliomas were quality IV gliomas. Approximately 80 percent of triple-positive gliomas and gliomas with only IDH mutations happened in the frontal lobe . Obtained Genetic Alterations Table 1Table 1Summary of Obtained and Germline Alterations in Adult Gliomas. Summarizes the alterations that were consistently observed in the five glioma groupings.