The BMI measurement showed that 19 percent of the kids were overweight, 23 percent obese, and 8 percent severely obese. Researchers found that raising BMI %ile increased the probability of a analysis. ‘Despite having place pediatric BMI guidelines, this is a tiny wake-up call to pediatricians that as much as 90 percent of overweight kids are not being properly diagnosed,’ said David C. Kaelber, M.D., Ph.D., M.P.H., lead writer of the study, as well as an internist and pediatrician and chief informatics officer at MetroHealth and associate professor of internal medication and pediatrics at Case Western Reserve University College of Medicine.The brand new PSA, released this week, encourages the public to contact their person in Congress in support of the Breast Cancer Patient Education Act . On October 16 Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day takes place, 2013, and this yr's theme is the Team Approach which encourages all physicians on the breasts cancer care group to interact. Jewel in addition has written the music Flower honoring breast reconstruction sufferers. All proceeds of the track are donated to the Breasts Reconstruction Consciousness Fund of The PSF. The song can be bought from Amazon and iTunes.. Adult sickle cell medication hydroxyurea proves effective in young children A drug used for the treatment of sickle cell anemia in adults has been shown to trigger significant improvements in babies and toddlers with the disorder.