But a whole lot of screening ultrasounds are carried out indiscriminately for asymptomatic patients, and we found there is small evidence to aid that practice. The survey also shows the vascular lab takes on a central role in evaluating individuals with chronic venous insufficiency, a condition in which blood pools in the veins of the complexities and legs swelling, non-curing ulcers and worsening varicose veins. This problem can significantly affect a person's standard of living and mobility. The composing committee also ranked pre-operative vascular tests for preparing a dialysis access site as appropriate as long as it had been done within three months of the procedure; however, vascular testing was seldom befitting general surveillance of an operating dialysis fistula or graft unless there is certainly some indication of a issue .The feasible serologic marker for protection was the cheapest titer with the utmost sum of the specificity and sensitivity corresponding to each cutoff worth. A chi-square check or Fisher’s exact check was used to review categorical data, and Student’s t-test was used to review log-transformed neutralizing antibody ideals. Hypothesis assessment was two-sided with an alpha worth of 0.05. Analyses were executed by statisticians at the Fourth Military Medical University by using SAS software, version 9.2 . Results Study Population In January 2012, a total of 10,077 children were enrolled and received at least one dose of EV71 vaccine or placebo, and 9430 of the children received the second dose . On day 57, a complete of 5041 individuals in the vaccine group and 5028 in the placebo group entered the surveillance period.