We have become pleased by these results, which support the potential of ceftazidime-avibactam as a new treatment option for patients with these critical and life-threatening intra-abdominal attacks, said David Nicholson,PhD, Senior Vice President, Actavis Global Brands R&D. Because of limited available options, infections because of antibiotic resistant Gram-negative bacteria are becoming more difficult to treat increasingly. New agents are required and ceftazidime-avibactam could be a welcome addition for physicians who manage high-risk individuals with these hard to treat infections, said Keith Kaye, MD, Professor of Medicine in the division of infectious disease at Wayne State University Medical center in Detroit, Mich.On the other hand, the severe nature and incidence of anemia peaked at day 42, as compared with day 28, the last day time of energetic sunitinib dosing. These data are consistent with the bigger mean hemoglobin amounts in the pazopanib group than in the sunitinib group, at day 28 and at day 42 . Health-Related Standard of living During the first 6 months of treatment, the health-related quality-of-existence scores in the pazopanib group had been better than these in the sunitinib group intended for both primary end points .