‘Certainly younger people have the ‘luxury’ of delaying their childbearing so that they can hold out for better fiscal conditions, while the elderly might experience the press of the biological clock prevents an excessive amount of a delay,’ stated Gretchen Livingston, a senior researcher at Pew. Way forward President Obama proposed a launch of $110 million teen being pregnant prevention plan in wake of the report. Programs of this nature will focus on encouraging abstinence until relationship. Of the $110 millions the initial $25 million will be used for newer methods to the problem. The new health-care legislation contains $50 million a calendar year for five years for abstinence applications.The usage of high-flow nasal cannulae can be an alternative method of providing non-invasive respiratory support to very preterm infants. Such cannulae deliver heated and humidified gas at stream rates greater than 1 liter per minute through small binasal prongs.3,4 The use of high-flow nasal cannulae is increasingly popular for noninvasive respiratory support in neonatal intensive caution units all over the world.3,5 In 2008, the devices were being found in up to two thirds of academic neonatal units in the United States.6 High-flow nasal cannulae are accustomed to prevent extubation failure in preterm infants, with prescribed flow rates ranging from 2 to 8 liters each and every minute typically.3,7,8 However, there is little evidence regarding the huge benefits and risks of the new technique.9,10 Several mechanisms of action of high-stream nasal cannulae in preterm infants have been described,11 but the contribution of each is undefined.