Action began its myoblast plan for the treatment of heart failure, advanced heart disease, myocardial infarction, and ischemia with the acquisition of Mytogen Inc in 2007. The technology permits expansion of the myoblast into vast sums of cells during the period of 2-3 weeks. The surplus is usually then transplanted back into the patient’s scarred center cells. The transplanted cells are included into the muscle tissue, are entrained in the beat of the center, and from preliminary data, appear to also enhance revascularization of the infarcted area.After divorcing his wife, she was found stabbed to death in their house, suffering at least 15 stab wounds. Concepcion confessed to his close friends that he killed his wife reportedly, and he shortly found himself the subject of a city-wide manhunt in New York City. Away from home from authorities, Concepcion made a decision to destroy himself by drinking a container of rat poison. But that isn’t where this story gets weird. The weird part is that after the rat poison destroyed his liver, Concepcion discovered himself at the top of a liver transplant list at a hospital in NEW YORK. With over 16,000 other folks waiting for a liver – – many of whom undoubtedly aren’t murderers – – somehow Concepcion was selected to receive another obtainable liver from an organ donor. At a price of several hundred thousand dollars , Concepcion was given the brand new liver transplant and arrested and taken up to jail.