Currently, there are 10 investigational TB vaccines designed as boosters or potential replacements for the BCG vaccine presently going through or poised to enter medical testing and much more in the product development pipeline. To assess these and future investigational TB vaccines successfully, biomarkers correlated with vaccine effectiveness are needed. A biomarker would facilitate clinical research of vaccines across analysis institutions, geographic places and within different focus on age groups and populations, standardizing and streamlining the regulatory review of clinical trial data.Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Analysis announced that Alim Louis Benabid, MD, PhD, is the recipient of the 2013 Robert A. Pritzker Prize for Leadership in Parkinson's Analysis. The prize recognizes an honoree's contribution to Parkinson's research along with an exceptional commitment to mentoring the next generation of Parkinson's scientists. Professor Benabid, more popular as the inventor and pioneer of Deep Mind Stimulation , was chosen for his profound contributions to developing innovative surgical methods for treating Parkinson's disease . He’ll get a $100,000 grant to advance his study in neurodegenerative diseases. ‘Professor Benabid's contributions to the field of Parkinson's disease research, also to improving lives of those living with the disease, are well-documented,’ stated Todd Sherer , PhD, CEO of MJFF.