And we’ve no reason to trust they aren’t every bit as ethical and authentic as the farmers shipping and delivery to other major brands. The new owners might have to temporarily continue to buy organic milk from the Dean Foods’ dairies. But they makes it clear that they will put a program in place to help transition the brand to 100 %, legitimate, organic farm milk. After that someone might have an absolute investment in what is not just the largest organic dairy brand in the country but is the largest volume organic brand, period.Copyright 2008 Advisory Board Business and Kaiser Family Base. All rights reserved.. Algeria, Egypt, Iraq and Saudi Arabia reach malaria elimination stage successfully Algeria, Egypt, Iraq and Saudi Arabia are among 10 countries worldwide which have successfully reached the elimination stage for malaria primarily because of improvements in disease interventions, according to the World Malaria Record 2008, which was released last week by the global world Health Organization, the Middle East Times reports.