‘He estimates that while food production is continuing to grow globally by 145 percent in the last 40 years, African food creation has fallen by 10 percent since 1960, which he attributes to low investment. While 70 percent of Africans could be involved in farming, those who are undernourished on the continent has risen by 100 million to 250 million since 1990, he estimates,’ the news headlines service writes . Juma ‘informed Reuters that food self-sufficiency would require big shifts in policies that have led to dependence on food aid handouts and imports in lots of nations,’ according to the news service.Cardiovascular disease and stroke take into account 33.4 percent of all female deaths in Florida. Normally, nearly 76 females die from heart disease and stroke in Florida every day.. Action on climate change required to prevent injury to health, development, reports say ‘[A] insufficient action on climate switch and habitat destruction will threaten the progress of developing countries,’ because environmental sustainability impacts ‘an array of social issues,’ including ‘health, education, income, gender disparities and energy production, combined with protection of the ecosystem,’ according to the U.N.