These ekspert LC systems are analytical circulation rate LC systems that AB SCIEX announced at Pittcon this morning as part of the expansion of its LC item portfolio. . With the new 4500 series, the brand new LC systems and the Accelerated Laboratory Integration packages, scientists and laboratory analysts can significantly improve results for a number of applications, including meals and environmental contamination analysis, clinical research, forensic toxicology, protein identification, peptide bioanalysis and quantitation.All rights reserved.. AP scandal widens: DOJ also targeted Fox News reporter in 2010 2010 There is a time when nationwide security literally depends on secrecy. Whatever the prevailing mindset among many in the press and in the general public, the American people don’t have an inherent ‘right’ to learn everything about everything the federal government is doing when it’s legitimately operating on behalf of securing the nation and safeguarding the homeland, because such functions require secrecy necessarily. Imagine, for instance, if somebody ‘in the know’ had leaked plans and details of the D-Day invasion to a newspaper; what would the implications of this have been? But by considerably, usually news organizations have a legitimate role to play in bringing details of government operations to the public most importantly, for the media’s major purpose in our nation, as envisioned by our founding fathers, is to serve as a watchdog on government.