‘The acquisition of BCA helps these goals by giving us with a crucial contract vehicle, CIMS, that allows us to contend for essential full and open use the CDC. Additionally, merging BCA's capabilities, relationships, and domain experience strengthens our technical features and past functionality with the CDC and our community sector health customers.’ More than 30 employees situated in Hyattsville and Atlanta, Md., will join Acentia's 1,100-strong workforce. Acentia's Health It all customers include the CDC, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Providers , the Food and Medication Administration , the National Institutes of Health , and the Protection Health Agency .. Acentia announces acquisition of Business Computer Applications Acentia, a premier company of management and technology solutions, announced it offers acquired Atlanta-based Business Pc Applications today, Inc.Around 15 million to 60 million People in america catch seasonal flu each year. The %age of cases hospitalized has been developing, but which may be because of closer scrutiny of very sick patients. It takes about three days from the onset of symptoms to hospitalization, Finelli stated, and the average medical center stay provides been three times. Other health complications have already been a factor generally: About one in three of the hospitalized instances experienced asthma, 16 % diabetes, 12 % have immune system complications and 11 % chronic heart disease.