Homayoon Khanlou , AHF’s Chief of Medication, USA; Dr. Julio Montaner ; Dr. Robert R. Redfield Jr. , Director of the HIV Program at the University of Maryland, School of Medicine; Dr. Jane Aronson , CEO/Founder of Worldwide Orphans Foundation; Dr. Sophia Mengistu , Country Director/Ethiopia, Worldwide Orphans Basis; Dr. Rodney L. Wright , Director of HIV Applications, Albert Einstein College of Medicine; and, Dr. Martina C. Fuchs , Founder/CEO, Actual Medicine Foundation. AHF, with hundreds of AIDS medical companies and advocates together, urges Dr.The report appears in ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters. Michael Epperly, Kazunori colleagues and Koide clarify that radiation exposure, either from accidents or from radiation therapy for cancers, can make people sick. High dosages can even cause death. The U.S. Drug and Food Administration is currently evaluating a drug for its ability to drive back radiation sickness, but it is difficult to make in huge amounts, and the medication has side-results that prevent its make use of for cancer patients. To overcome these disadvantages, the experts studied whether resveratrol – an all natural and healthful antioxidant within many foods – could protect against radiation injuries.