Enerex Serrapeptase assists in the liberation of painful amines which reduces discomfort ultimately. Any other discomfort killer can also do that task but there is certainly something unique about Enerex Serrapeptase. Enerex Serrapeptase includes a special covering of DRCAP. When the medicine reaches our tummy it gets damaged because of the acids released during digestion. DRCAP gives a protective cover and the medicine starts dissolving only when it reaches the tiny intestine.. Abaco Health store Medicines and diseases have become an important part of our lives. Living in Metropolitan cities our body has become susceptible to its diseases.However the scholarly study did not prove that winter causes stroke risk to go up. A second study, out of Canada, discovered that chilly weather increased the risk for the most severe type of heart attack. Led by experts from the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, that investigation found that with every 20-degree Fahrenheit drop in temp, the risk for experiencing a very severe type of coronary attack called an ST-elevation myocardial infarction went up by 7 %.